Ivan Dymkov

Tech-lead, Ruby on Rails and Javascript developer


+7 (905) 086-73-59


I know the whole process of software development, from scratch.
Understand how web projects live, how users and "robots" interact with them.
Know and have seen how projects die.
I can create complex web-application alone, but prefer to build a team for it.

My full CV you can find at my profile on LinkedIn.

Моё резюме на русском вы можете посмотреть в моём профиле на сервисе «Мой круг».

And this is my profile at Upwork.

My open-source projects

Mayak — Ruby on Rails application template made for fast start of a common web-application. This project formed the basis for more than 40 RoR-sites and absorbed the best solutions from them. Website: mayak.io.

Vitrage — create and edit complex block-based content in any RoR application. Project still in beta but already have been used in several real projects. There is web-site with Vitrage demo.

Player 56s — simple in use web audio-player with a playlist, responsive design and ability to enable minimalistic view mode.